Kim Foard, CPA

Can you imagine the peace of mind from enjoying the benefit of your very own virtual CFO — someone who will generously guide YOU to Success?

This is a professional who actively listens to your dreams and passionately encourages YOU to define Success in your way and on your terms.

In fact, this is all about YOU — your Family, your dreams, and your hope for a bright financial future.

What is a CFO?

The formal definition is Chief Financial Officer — flying with YOU and focused on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your Business.

For our purposes, CFO will also be code to define an even more important function within your company — Compassionate Friend Onboard.

In fact, the name of your CFO is Kim Foard, CPA.

TAP into Success

Success does not magically waltz into our lives. It is not a destination at which to arrive. Although a metric of progress, money is not the answer, either. Daily, we must create Success — the unique version each of us has determined to be right — for the benefit of ourselves and those we serve.


In every age and period of history, the most successful were on the leading edge of the technology for that Time.


In order to manage, there must be a way to measure. Time is the most precious of resources; Money is a close second.


In order to enjoy Success, we must build relationships with others — in thought, action, and eventually celebration.

Far Beyond

If success has eluded YOU to this present moment, after substantial investment in Time and Money, be of good cheer and TAP into Success.

Traditional accounting stares into the rear-view mirror to tell you where you’ve been, mistakes you made, and taxes to pay.

There is a better way — by focusing through the windshield on the destination of your choice for YOU and your Family.

A CFO Guru using the many tools of technology will be a constant comfort in your Crusade to build something special. In the marketplace, you’ll see the term Virtual CFO as a label for this type of relationship.

Yet, there is nothing “virtual” about the work we’ll do together. It will be the “real deal” in more ways than one. In fact, we will begin with your blueprint for the future — the Better Business Plan.

Today, we can begin the Journey to your Success!
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