Profitable Vision

Profitable Vision

We go where we look. Whether driving an automobile or running a Company, we will go where we look. Where are YOU looking?

For those business Owners without a forward vision, they will go in circles, a serpentine route, or backwards. In other words, they will get lost, be at the mercy of the unscrupulous, and eventually suffer losses.

Unless we’re sacrificing to serve in a non-profit organization, we don’t like losses. In fact, we can achieve whatever degree of Success we set our minds to achieving — if we begin with a Profitable Vision.

Dreams vs. Visions

Everyone has daydreams and imaginations of the perfect future. As a creative escape, that’s a good thing. Yet, a dream without a Plan is a wish.

I’m not talking about going off on a spiritual retreat to consume magic mushrooms for the experience of a vision quest. What I am suggesting is a passionate desire to build something special.

What does that look like for you? In your minds-eye can YOU see a world of your choosing? Heaven on earth, if you will, is what I want for you!

If you can imagine what that is like for YOU and your Family, we’re ready to begin. The construction of that life will require blood, sweat, and tears. If you’re all-in, I’m all yours. Let’s draft your Blueprint of a dynamic future.

Better Business Plan

This is a secret not taught in colleges or universities. In fact, there’s not another professional on the face of the earth with a design so simple that the complexities of a Balance Sheet and Income Statement give way to whatever degree of Success is chosen by YOU.

The traditional Business Plan is based on the antiquated notion of beginning with Sales to Customers. “Fine,” I say and then ask the question just begging for an answer, “How many Sales to how many Customers?”

Guess what?! The professors of the Universities and professionals in the Ivory Towers have no idea. They are clueless. Yet, they want YOU to deliver on a Business Plan they can’t explain.

What is a Better Business Plan?

It’s one that begins with YOU and ends by providing for your Family. This is a plan of your design and one in which YOU can believe. That, my dear friends, is “why” this Virtual CFO offers to YOU the Better Business Plan.

Time and Money

Every decision we make has a component of either Time or Money. Many times, our decisions will require both — Time and Money. Maybe, not an actual expenditure of money. Possibly, the decision involves a foregone opportunity cost — which can be measured in money.

Since those who claim money is not important will lie about other things too, the Better Business Plan begins with an analysis of money — the amounts required for a Profitable Vision.

Because, remember, we go where we look. 😉

The beauty of the Better Business Plan is that YOU choose the amount important for your Family. Once that target is selected, the rest of your plan comes together easily —and I love it, when a Plan comes together!

In addition to your needs and wants being fulfilled, you’ll satisfy any Bankers in your life and throw the Big Dog a bone (aka Income Taxes).

Now, with the issue of Money behind us, we can focus on the most precious of resources — Time. How much Time do YOU want to invest in your Family? Again, we begin with what YOU want. With the answer to that question, Productive Units is simply a 4th Grade math solution.

Build Something Special

By starting with nothing but a dream, you will experience rewards far beyond anything imagined by the Trust Fund Babies of the world.

By starting your own Company, you have the opportunity to be your own Boss and serve those in your sphere of influence with your unique Value.

For those chasing the almighty Dollar, they have their reward. Although, guaranteed, they will never be satisfied. Because there is never enough money, riches, or stuff — the earthly treasures.

With a Profitable Vision, you can create heaven on earth!