Learn QuickBooks Online

Learn QuickBooks Online

If you are an Entrepreneur with your own Company, the secrets to Success are found in our Digital Universe. As with any adventure, you will want to adequately prepare. One of the best ways is to learn QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks has always been somewhat of a paradox.

From the very beginning, a novice could purchase the software, install it on a Desktop Computer, and begin using a familiar feature: The Checking Register.

Yet, behind the scenes of the familiar were many other powerful features, options, and processes — which can be discovered by trial-and-error or with the guidance of an expert.

Why reinvent the wheel, when YOU can be cruising the highways of Success?!

QuickBooks Online

Fast-forward from the mid-1980s to the present and we find ourselves in the Cloud. No longer is it necessary to download, install, and constantly update Software. Now, from any Device, we access what we need, when we need it, with a few clicks or taps.

Gone forever is the need to Backup our databases — and, then, Restore lost information if someone had a bad-hair day. And, if more than one person needed access to a File remotely, the fun began. Pity the poor souls if individuals needed to work on the same file simultaneously — from different Locations.

For some, the idea of The Cloud is borderline scary. Although, courage is not the absence of fear; it is acknowledging the uncertainty, managing the risk, and pushing forward into the unknown opportunities patiently waiting on the other side.

As with the human mind, the opportunities are unlimited. What we enjoy today did not exist thirty years ago. Yet, because of the imagination and ingenuity of Trailblazers, we benefit from their creativity.

Why not leverage their creativity into creations of our own?


Keep It Simple Sweetheart is our mantra — it’s the way to Teach and the way to Learn. Einstein promulgated, “Genius is taking the Complex and making it Simple.”

When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear.

When you’re ready to learn QuickBooks Online, I’m all yours. With 35+ years of Experience and Education, I can simplify for YOU the complexities of the paradox known as QuickBooks Online.

Although many Entrepreneurs find the terms of Accounting as confusing as any foreign language, I can present the foundational concepts in a way that is understandable — and actually FUN!

Once a solid foundation of Theory is in place, we can begin the important daily Practice of recording transactions and receiving the digital stream pushed through the financial institutions of Banks and Credit Cards.

Please, KISS your worries goodbye — we’ll Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

Dates and Lists

There are really only two things to know and remember in your quest to learn QuickBooks Online — it is List and Date driven. In other words, everything you do is focused on Dates and powered by Lists.

The “mother” of all lists is the Chart of Accounts. Yeah, I know, a spooky accounting term. Yet, every time you hear or see that phrase, simply “think” Cookie Jars. And, who doesn’t like cookies?!

You will select from other, separate, and unique lists of Employees, Customers, Vendors, Projects, Classes, Locations, Products, Services, and Custom Form Styles.

Generally, the choice for a transaction is one Date and a few selections from the Lists. The beauty of QuickBooks Online is that “IT” learns from your choices and will offer prompts to assist in selections.

Why Learn QuickBooks Online?

The most successful of Entrepreneurs begin with the end in mind. They manage the risks, overcome the resistance of the naysayers, and market their Value to the whole wide world.

In other words, they go all in. In fact, they learn as much as they can about ALL facets of their business. The very best way to monitor success is to have their hands and minds in the numbers.

By learning QuickBooks Online, they become Masters of their own Destiny. Because, they eliminate the threat of being held hostage by accounting professionals, who generally can twist the simple into complex chaos.

The business owner becomes their own CFO — Chief Financial Officer. Learning QuickBooks Online enlightens, empowers, and encourages them to understand the real purpose and benefit of any accounting system — to communicate relevant information for management decisions.

If there was ever proof that knowledge is powerful, it can be found in the life story of the Entrepreneur who learns QuickBooks Online.

YOU can enjoy that experience, too!