As we consider the benefits of Technology, we discover professors of the Universities and professionals of the Ivory Towers have no idea of the benefit in theory or practice. They are clueless.

Once more the Smoke and Mirrors crowd wants you to believe Accounting can only be done by the professionals. They were wrong, before. Do you think, maybe, they’re wrong, again? Absolutely!

Accounting is nothing more than 4th Grade math. You’ll use a small portion of Junior High math, to finish drafting your Better Business Plan.

If you’re open to Coaching via what is known as the Three-E Formula (Enlighten, Empower, and Encourage) and bring to bear the Passion YOU have for Success, you’ll be able to understand a Balance Sheet and KPIs.

Fail to plan, plan to fail — Those who plan, plan to Succeed.

Cloud Platforms

In the olden days, manual entry into paper Journals and Ledgers was required to capture historical data. Then, in the mid 1980’s we progressed to Personal Computers with locally installed Software.

Now, with any Device and an Internet connection, YOU have immediate access to a Dashboard with real-time information about the health of your Company — and its Employees, Vendors, and Customers.

In other words, Bookkeepers are a little like Cabooses on the end of freight trains — obsolete.

Digital Universe

All financial information is digital and will flow into the Cloud Accounting Platform of your choice. One of the prominent players in the marketplace is Intuit with their QuickBooks Online.

They provide the platform and YOU add Applications to customize the accounting environment to be most effective and efficient for your users.

Just a few of the powerful Applications expanding the functionality of QBO are: TSheets (time capture); Expensify (receipt tracking); and Gusto (employee management).

With proper planning and implementation these Apps and many more are guaranteed to save you Time and Money — so you can keep your eyes focused through the windshield to safely arrive at your chosen Goals.

Past or Future?

Traditional accounting can be compared to the rear-view mirror in your vehicle. At best, historical information is captured to satisfy compliance requirements — i.e. Government (Taxes) and Bankers (Debt).

Digital accounting is more like the windshield. Imagine driving to your favorite destination. Where is most of your focus? To arrive safely, we know the answer to that rhetorical question — through the windshield.

The same is true of safely reaching Success (as YOU have defined it) for your Company — with the Better Business Plan. The choice is yours, though: rear-view mirror or windshield.

I hope YOU let the “mistakes” of the past fade away, as their image becomes smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror — and YOU keep your eyes focused through the windshield on the future of your Success.

Fail to plan, plan to fail — Those who plan, plan to Succeed.