Am I passionate about your well-being and eventual Success? You bet! As much as this is serious business (we’re talking about the rest of your life), we will have FUN — achieving the definition of Success YOU have chosen.

Business is ALL about the people. “People over process,” I say. And, the way to remember this borderline magical concept is to think: POP.

The greatest gift is a chosen, purposeful effort — often done in the face of fear — to nurture our own growth and the growth of others. Brick-by-brick and Step-by-step is how we build a legacy and reach our destination.

We learn by doing; The fun is in the doing. Let’s have fun learning!

Begin With YOU

Whatever the mind can Conceive, it can Believe and Achieve. This is about more than “Positive Thinking” — this is about belief in doing the impossible. If YOU have the Want To, you will be able to Do It.

Each of us determines our, individual, definition of Success. Even though success is much more than the accumulation of material riches, money is important. Those who say otherwise will lie about other things, too.

After 35+ years as a CPA, there are many financial principles and secrets that I want to share with YOU.

Actions Speak Loudest

Throughout the course of all those years, never once did I lose anyone to bankruptcy — or any other form of failure in business. Many outgrew me, to want fancier letterheads and presentation folder from their CPA.

Some sought a leisurely retirement from their hard work and well deserved financial rewards from their very successful Companies. We valued their Companies with an analysis of Cash Flow — and the Buyers lined up.

Others wanted to see their Legacy continue with future generations. Full value of the Company was sacrificed to provide an opportunity — and the next Generation took over operations with a belief in continuing Success.

Your Choice

So — if you’re an entrepreneur starting a business, my methods can help YOU be successful from day one. If you’ve been in business for several years and are tired of working for nothing, I can listen, observe, and then guide you to the goals important to YOU — and, your Family.

I believe in the wisdom, “Customers only care about how much you know, after they know how much you care.” The purpose of these Resources is to express a high degree of caring — by, sharing the very best with you.

This CPA, CFO, and A Business Coach — passionately cares about YOU.

We learn by doing; The fun is in the doing. Let’s have fun learning!