Business Plans of yesterday — and into the present moment — have relied on the antiquated notion of beginning with: Sales to Customers.

“Fine,” I say. And, then, I go on to ask the question just begging an answer, “How many Sales to how many Customers?”

Guess what?! The professors of the Universities and professionals of the Ivory Towers have no idea. They are clueless. Yet, they want YOU to deliver on a Business Plan they can’t explain.

Achieve at the Speed of Belief.

Better Business Plan

Things today are about like they’ve always been. There are only two resources each of us manage to be successful: Time and Money.

The foundation for managing these two old Resources in a new way is the Better Business Plan. This plan is better because it begins with YOU — what you want for your Family as the reward for your efforts.

Along with setting the financial target, you also consider a balance of time between Work and Family — which are the two legs carrying you through the Journey of Success.

Digital Tools

In the span of one generation, we have enjoyed the transformation of the Personal Computer, Networks, Cloud Platforms, and Software as a Service.

A productive business environment is comprised of software including Windows 10 OS, Microsoft Office, Chrome, G Suite, QuickBooks Online, TSheets, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, WordPress, Slack, and Zoom.

The secret to effective use of these — and a myriad of other Applications — is to begin with the end in mind. In other words, choose the Tools to build according to your blueprint — the Better Business Plan.

Constant Change

In life and technology, the only constant is change — and an ancillary principle is, “Nothing works quite right the first time.”

The good news, though, change is the catalyst for growth and improvement. If we can shift our attitude from resignation and despair to Fascination and Curiosity, the seemingly impossible gives way to new frontiers of discovery.

With the faith and patience of a Saint, to take that flying leap into the unknown and weather the unforeseen, your efforts will be rewarded: Guaranteed!

Achieve at the Speed of Belief